Ready to get the party started?

After over a year in quarantine, we are *almost* ready to get back to play parties!  

Interested in exploring kink but feel too nervous or scared about how to navigate this exciting and sexy new landscape?

When we’re finally able to get together for a play party are you wondering what to wear, bring, do, and are you freaking out, etc? Everybody remembers their first, and why not start off on the right sexy foot and learn the safe, appropriate and fun way to make the most of your wild night out!

In this beginner play party etiquette class, it’s okay to bring all of your burning questions, and have the opportunity to get answers! Two Lifestyle and Professional BDSM and Kink FemDoms – Mistress Justine Cross and Mistress Shane – hostesses of the infamous queer play parties in Los Angeles will help you understand what goes on at a play party, what you can do to enhance your fun and connection, and how to incorporate more kink and sexy times into your life.

Ready to party

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